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What is soft washing?

Soft washing is an entirely new approach to cleaning building surfaces and an alternative to traditional pressure washing.

Unlike pressure washing which relies on abrasion to clean a surface, soft washing is a low pressure application of proprietary blends of bleach, soaps and surfactants that kill the organisms that get established on roofs, siding, walkways, fences and many other structures, discoloring and decomposing them. The Soft Washing approach treats the bacteria, algae, molds, lichens and mosses like weeds and the process is more like a herbicide treatment where the chemicals do the work and no pressure is required. The result is a sanitized surface free of living organic growth for long lasting results.

Just like mice, ants, flies, bedbugs, spiders and termites have a place in nature but not in your home, so the biofilm eating your surface structures also have a place in nature, but not on your building.

Is soft washing safe?

Anything that can kill the plants growing on your roof can kill plants growing in your yard. That is why this powerful, effective and long lasting solution to bio-infestation should only be used by properly trained technicians thoroughly aware of personal protection, plant protection and property protection protocols.

However in the right hands, yes, the process is safe and has produced great results for thousands of happy clients served by our network of companies.

We at Capitol Cleaning are an in-network company with Soft Wash Systems and have received extenisve training. Capitol Cleaning has achieved the rank of Authorized Professional. Peter Kogler recieved three days of one on one training at the SWS Top Gun school and has received several other certifications. 

What chemicals do you use?

The primary chemical is bleach, or more properly, Sodium Hypochlorite. This common household disinfectant has hundreds of uses all over the world as a recognized disinfectant. It is recommended as such by the CDC. It is a powerful oxidizing agent and it is the oxidation reaction which kills the biofilm.

Added to this is a surfactant, catalyst and penetrating agent called Green Wash, in use since 1997, and sometimes a dirt buster and degreaser called Terra Wash. We add a little Rain Fresh to mask the bleach smell and finish the cleaning of siding, windows and painted sufraces with an application of Final Wash which is a bleach neutralizer and waxing agent. If we are cleaning wood or asphalt shingles we can apply Restore which is a UV inhibitor, bleach netralizer and contitioner. Plants are protected with Plant Wash, an acid based liquid fertilizer that neutralizes bleach and feeds the plants. It helps protect the underground bacteria which the plants depend on for their nutrients.

All these products are proprietary chemicals carefully developed by Soft Wash Systems. They follow the Good Stewards pledge of being biodegradable, water soluable and compatable with bleach and each other.


Peter and Linda Kogler with AC Lockyer

Peter and Linda with AC

AC Lockyer is father of modern softwashing. His company developed soft washing into a $4 million a year company and has since taught his methods to hundreds of entrepreneurs through his organization, Soft Wash Systems ( Companies that adhere to his 50 point standards and pass his certification and training programs are invited to join his growing network of companies adhering to his high standards and protocols. Capitol Cleaning is one of these companies. 

A Roof being soft washed.

Roof being soft washed

Here is a roof cleaning in progress. A soft wash solution has been applied at low pressure spray to the upper part of the roof. The chemicals are doing the work. There is very little run off.

Nature's relentless reclamation project.

Millions of tiny organisms are constantly at work to break down and decompose surfaces into smaller, useful products for the benefit of other, larger organism. From bacteria and algae, to molds, fungi and eventually mosses, the biofilm on your roof and other structures gradually continues to grow and decompose the surface. .

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