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Professional window cleaning offers more benefits than you might think.

At Capitol Cleaning, we have never forgotten our roots and what made us the longest-standing window cleaning company in the Seattle, Washington area. Just because we now offer a wide variety of house washing services doesn’t mean we have forgotten the importance of offering quality window cleaning services. That’s how our founder started out in 1973, and it is a service we believe we do better than most, thanks to decades of experience.

Window Cleaning in Seattle, Washington

We recommend regular exterior window cleaning for several reasons. The first is that you deserve to have an unobstructed view out your windows. The second is that dust and debris can be a source of friction on the window glass, which can permanently alter the clarity if left there for an excessive period of time.

Another reason is because when you open a window for some fresh air, you’ll also end up with that dust inside your home. The last reason we want to share with you is that a dusty window obscures natural light, and without that sunshine, your mood can be adversely affected.

Whether you want just our window cleaning services or you’d like other areas around your home cleaned as well, we are happy to provide you with an estimate for the work you want done. We’ll address any questions you might have as well, so you can proceed with confidence that you’ll end up with the clean home your family deserves.